If you call Courtenay, or somewhere nearby, home, then you’re very familiar with windstorms and lots of rain! Wind and rain can definitely take a toll on our properties and houses, especially in places like Courtenay. If you’re concerned about the wear and tear that the weather might be having on your home or a property that you own, you might want to consider having some exterior cleaning done! Exterior cleaning can help improve the lifespan of the outside of your property, which will end up being a major time- and money-saver later on down the road. This article is going to take a look at a few things you can do as a resident of Courtenay to make sure that your property exterior lasts as long as possible and looks good while doing it!


Cleaning the exterior of your home or property matters for a few different reasons:

-The value of your home can be improved by exterior cleaning.

-Your property looks more aesthetically pleasing if you’re wanting to sell or rent it out.

-Keeping the exterior of your property clean and cared for means that you’re less likely to experience damage or expensive wear and tear.


When autumn comes, your gutters are going to be full of leaves and other tree debris if you lice anywhere near trees. The wind carries a lot, and it’s very likely that leaves will end up being deposited in your gutters, which can cause them to back up. Backed up gutters, when hit by rainstorms, will start to flood, and this flooding can even lead to damage to the foundation of your property. This kind of damage will lead to really costly repairs and time spent dealing with the problem, all of which can be avoided by regular gutter cleaning.


Another important, but often not so favourite, chore that should be done around the home is window cleaning. Windows are prone to getting dirty, especially when you live on the west coast where there are lots of birds and trees that can excrete sap. To ensure that the outside of our home or property looks nice and clean, this is absolutely something you’ll want to add to your exterior cleaning list!


Have you ever heard of soft washing before? It’s a safer method of cleaning your exterior surfaces than power washing, because it uses chemicals instead of high powered water streams, and it’s a fantastic option for cleaning things like the siding on your home, especially if you’re worried about damaging your property or hurting yourself or someone else with high pressure water. Keeping your siding clean will ensure that no build-up is allowed to get out of hand, so this is definitely something you’ll want to think about if you live in Courtenay.


This might sound like a lot of work to you, and some of the tasks can actually be hazardous. That’s ok! Hiring a crew of professional exterior cleaners is an amazing option for the following reasons:

-A professional team already has the necessary equipment to get the job done.

-A professional team has all the needed safety expertise.

-A professional team will know what houses and properties in Courtenay specifically need, so they’ll do an efficient and thorough job.

-A professional team can spot easily missed issues on the exterior of your home and let you know what’s going on before something bad happens.

Having exterior cleaning performed on your home or property in Courtenay is important when it comes to handling things that west coast living can throw at you! By hiring a professional team to handle the job, you’ll know that it’s completed quickly, thoroughly, and safely.