Exterior cleaning is an important part of property maintenance that should not be overlooked. It helps to ensure the longevity and visual appeal of a home or other type of building. Exterior cleaning can also help prevent damage from debris, moisture, mold, and mildew buildup that can occur over time if the exterior of a property is left uncleaned. This is especially important in cities like Campbell River that are on the West Coast and experience various kinds of weather – especially wind and rain – as well as salt exposure from the ocean. Keep reading to find out more about why exterior cleaning is important and what Big Island Cleaning can do for your Campbell River home or property.


Regular exterior cleaning helps homeowners maintain beautiful curb appeal for their properties. If selling or renting property, it’s important that the building look its absolute best. Exterior cleaning can also remove dirt, grime, pollen, bird droppings, tree sap, and other materials that could dull the paint finish or cause discoloration. Pressure washing or soft washing are two of the most effective ways to efficiently clean large areas such as driveways or decks in a relatively short amount of time. If done correctly and frequently, these methods of cleaning can remove even the most stubborn dirt and grime from surfaces.


In addition to helping keep a home looking its best, exterior cleaning is also essential for protecting a property from potential damage. For example, if debris such as leaves are left to accumulate on a roof, in gutters, or around windows and doors, it could increase the risk of water damage over time. Similarly, pressure washing or soft washing decks and walkways regularly prevents algae buildup that can cause slips and falls due to slippery surfaces. Exterior cleaning also helps remove moss and lichens which can be damaging to structures if left untreated.


Overall, regular exterior cleaning should be part of any homeowner’s maintenance routine in order to keep their property looking great and protect it from potential damage. Pressure washing is one of the most efficient and effective ways to clean a home’s exterior, but it should always be done with caution and according to safety precautions to avoid any harm or damage. Soft washing is a great alternative for surfaces that are more sensitive. Homeowners should also consider using professional services for exterior cleaning if they need help with their property maintenance tasks. Professional services can help ensure that the job is done correctly, safely, and efficiently so that homeowners can enjoy the benefits of having a clean and well-maintained property. If you live in Campbell River, Big Island Cleaning would love to give you an estimate and talk to you about what we can do for the exterior of your home or property.

By following these tips, homeowners can keep their properties looking great while avoiding potential issues due to dirt buildup or other debris. Regular exterior cleaning helps maintain a property’s beauty while also protecting it from potentially costly damage over time. With the right care and maintenance, and a professional team like Big Island Cleaning, homeowners in Campbell River can ensure their properties stay in great condition for years to come.