Most people think of tile as a low-maintenance surfacing and flooring option. But what a lot of people might not realize is that dirty grout and tile can cause an otherwise clean room to look dirtier than it actually should. Another important thing that not many people think about is that dirt or build-up on tile surfaces can lead to scratching and permanent damage if it’s not taken care of as quickly and efficiently as possible. To keep tile looking its absolute best, a thorough and effective cleaning is important. In this article, we’re going to take a look at how the Esteam E1200 can take tile and grout cleaning to the next level!


Tile is an attractive and durable flooring option for both homes and businesses, and you’ll likely come across it often in your construction business. But like any flooring material, it requires effective cleaning to keep it looking its best. Dirt, dust and other debris can build up on tile, dulling its appearance and making it ultimately more difficult to clean. This is especially true during the construction process. A lot of dirt and debris will be kicked up, and you’ll want to make sure that it’s properly taken care of when everything is said and done. Cleaning tile and grout with the Esteam E1200 will leave your clients’ tile surfaces as spotless as possible and help prevent build-up.


The Esteam E1200 is different from other tile cleaners on the market because it’s actually a pressure washer that can be used indoors. Its high powered water scours grout unlike any other indoor tile cleaner, and then the machine sucks the water back up so that you’re not left with giant puddles on the floor. This also means that you or your clients won’t have to wait hours and hours before setting foot on the cleaned surface again. The Esteam E1200 is also child and pet friendly. No harm will come to your clients’ loved ones or furry friends if they come into contact with any of the tile surfaces that have been recently cleaned with an Esteam E1200. Finally, the cleaning odour left behind by the Esteam E1200 is minimal, so homes and properties will not feel heavily perfumed when the job is done.


If you’re wrapping up a construction project and are needing to start thinking about hiring a post-construction clean-up crew, choosing a team that uses the Esteam E1200 is an excellent way to ensure that any tile surfaces in your clients’ properties are cleaned thoroughly and effectively. You want your clients to be pleased with the final results, which means you’ll want every inch of their tile and grout to be spotless. No other machine can do what the Esteam E1200 does indoors, so why settle for anything less?

Cleaning tile and grout is an important part of any clean-up or maintenance process. Dirty grout and tile can make a room look dirtier in general, and it can also lead to permanent damage of the tiles if scratching occurs. The Esteam E1200 can provide clean tile and grout in a way that other tile cleaners simply can’t.