If you live in Nanaimo or surrounding areas like Nanoose Bay or Ladysmith, you have a lot of experience with rainy and windy weather! The elements can have an impact on our homes and properties, and places on the West Coast are especially vulnerable. This might sound hopeless, but never fear — a good exterior cleaning of your home or property can prolong its life and maintain things properly so that you don’t have to spend unnecessary time and money in the future. In this article, we are going to take a look at some important exterior cleaning tasks that residents of Nanaimo, Nanoose Bay, Ladysmith, and other places nearby should consider.


Exterior cleaning is important for a few different reasons:

-Exterior cleaning improves the value of your home.

-Exterior cleaning will make your home or property look more desirable to potential buyers or renters.

-Exterior cleaning is a crucial part of home or property maintenance that will help to prevent more serious damage over the long term, which will also save you time and money down the road.


An important aspect of home or property maintenance is gutter cleaning. This is especially true in the fall and winter when leaves, pine needles, and other debris tend to clog up gutters. When the inevitable rain and windstorms come, clogged gutters can quickly become backlogged, leading to flooding and possibly even foundation damage. Cleaning your gutters or, better yet, having them professionally cleaned, will ensure that this won’t happen.


Another very important aspect of exterior cleaning is having your surfaces soft washed. Soft washing is different than pressure washing because it uses chemicals instead of riskier, high powered water streams to do the cleaning. This makes it safer to use because you won’t risk damaging any of your surfaces, such as the siding on your home or property. It’s also safer because you don’t have to worry about injuring yourself or someone else with the high pressure water.


Window cleaning might not be everyone’s favourite task to complete, but it’s an important part of keeping homes and properties looking their best. Places like Nanaimo, where there are a lot of things like trees and birds, are more prone to getting dirt like tree sap and bird poop on windows! Keeping the windows on your home or property clean will keep them looking their best.


If all of this sounds daunting to you, don’t worry! Hiring a professional team to handle your exterior cleaning is a wonderful option. Here are some reasons why:

-Professional exterior cleaners have the right equipment for the job.

-Professional exterior cleaners know how to do the job safely.

-Professional exterior cleaners have experience with exterior cleaning in places like Nanaimo, so they know all the right tricks and techniques to properly handle what Nanaimo throws at them!

-Professional exterior cleaners will also be able to identify other issues going on with the exterior of your property that you might have missed. This will save you money and time later on.

There you have it! Exterior cleaning in a West Coast city like Nanaimo is an important aspect of home or property maintenance, and with a professional exterior cleaning team, you can rest assured the job is done quickly, safely, and right the first time.